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Job Seekers

Launch Healthcare offers career guidance and exclusive RN job opportunities.

Your Dream RN Job is Waiting

We are excited to be able to offer you exclusive job opportunities in Florida, Texas, Arizona and across the USA!

We have immediate openings for ER, ICU, OR, Cardiac, L&D, Pedi, NICU and MS positions.

Either contact us to learn more, or email us your resume!

Career Guidance

We offer a broad range of career guidance at no cost to you. Launch Healthcare will:

  • Review resumes

  • Review clinical experience

  • Help RNs meet necessary job requirements:

    • US & Canadian Licensing

    • NCLEX RN Exam

    • RN Resume

    • VisaScreen Certificate

    • US Social Security Number

    • TN Work Visa


  • Help RNs prepare for interviews

  • Provide RNs with hospital information

  • Provide RNs with relocation information

    • 24-hour border crossing support the day you cross

    • Advice on locations to live, etc.

  • Notify RNs of potential training opportunities

Are you looking for RN career guidance? We can help!

What Nurses Are Saying

Shannon Beck

Photo of Shannon, Launch Healthcare recruit

"I recently relocated to Houston, Texas as an RN, due to my husband being transferred from Calgary, Alberta. I reached out to Rebecca at Launch Healthcare early in the process, and she walked me through every step of the way.


From getting my Visa screen, to job searches, to my resume/interview to talking me through the process of obtaining my TN Visa at the border with Homeland Security, she was there.

There are a lot of details and logistics to moving to a new country, and it would have been really difficult to navigate it alone. Rebecca’s thorough understanding of policies/procedures, and her ability to break it down in to bite-sized step-by-step pieces made most processes seamless.


She is personable, compassionate, prompt, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to relocate in the world of nursing."

We'd love to help you find your dream job.

Contact us today, and let's make this happen!

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